Friday, December 23, 2011

My Visit to Middle Earth

I went to Middle Earth today
Into the land of old
Where wizards laugh and children play
And dwarves are mining gold.

I wandered through the cornfields and
The hills throughout the Shire;
I ate my second breakfast 
With a hobbit, by his fire.

I visited dear Rivendell
And those that dwelleth there;
I listened to their poetry
And music, oh, so fair.

I traveled on to Rohan and
I visited the king,
And now that peace reigned in the land
I heard the children sing.

I also stopped by Mirkwood,
Though it seemed as dark as night,
I came out on the other side
And saw the sun's gold light.

I saw a wizard on my way;
Mysterious was he,
For there was knowledge in his eyes––
Much more than I could see.

I briefly looked toward Mordor where
The shadows once did dwell,
But that was many years ago
And broken is the spell.

And then I flew to Gondor and
I touched the old White Tree.
I thought about the brutal war
And final victory.

At last I leapt onto a boat
And sailed a silver stream.
But then I opened up my eyes,
For lo, it was a dream. 

(Nov. 2011)

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