Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tell Me

Tell me who you want to be
Secrets people never see
In the forefront of your mind
Leave your fearfulness behind.

Tell me what I ever do
That would make me good for you
Is it beauty, is it grace,
Is it deeper than my face?

Tell me when you need to cry
Don't despair and don't deny
If you have a broken heart
Do not hide and fall apart.

Tell me where and how you are
For it is too long and far 
In the distance of the night
For the end to be in sight.

Tell me why you never came
But I love you just the same
Will you promise to be true?
If you tell me, I'll tell you. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Oh, the beautiful sound of the rain
Though it sounds so simple and plain
God sprinkles His love down from Heaven above
Oh the beautiful sound of the rain.

It waters the earth so dry
So that people and plants will not die
God gives us life and keeps us from strife
It waters the earth so dry.

It cleanses us thoroughly and whole
And it seems to freshen our soul
God sent His Son, new life has begun
And it cleanses us thoroughly and whole.

(written Jan. 8, 2005)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


 We'll soar over mountains and valleys
Remember the things that we've done
Say it's okay
When we go away
And cherish the treasures we won

But those things will matter no longer
Because you will see me no more
The end of the fight
Just didn't seem right
As you shamelessly bolted the door

Battered and broken we stumbled
Along the dark, windowless way
You said you'd be true
And I trusted you
To help me go on for the day

Remember the times when we triumphed
Imagine that we won the war
Tell me you'll be
Returning for me
And things will be just as before

Too many times I thought you left me
That's when I felt lost and alone
But you came again
And I felt safe when
You proudly declared me your own

And sometimes the silence is soothing
A balm to relieve wounded heart
If you start to speak 
Then I will feel weak
Because we are so long apart

So this is the end of our troubles
This is the end of the world
For now is too late
And it could not wait
While the mists of time silently swirled.