Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Girl and a Flower

A girl is like a flower
Which starts off as a seed;
With food and care and water,
God gives her what she needs.

And then soon will appear a stem
All fresh with morning dew
That's how the girl begins her life
All bright and sweet and new.

And after may days go by
A little bud appears
Reaching up toward the sky;
She's early in her years.

At last the bud burst open,
How straight and tall she stood!
Though sometimes she may be unsure,
She's now in her girlhood.

Though summer rains may weigh her down,
And her face is washed with tears,
Her heav'nly Father hears her cries
For He is always near.

And now she seems to be growing fast
Bees come and pollenate,
And trials she went through in the past
Have only made her great.

She has become a woman;
Her purpose is fulfilled.
The final petal now unfolds,
She stands, oh, straighter still. 

(July 2005) 

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